What Is Business Analytics (BA)?

Business Analytics Certificate Program

Business Analytics or Data Science is the scientific process of deriving insights from raw data to support decision making. The lesson for a future Greek government, or any present or future euro ­area government is clear: if you want to restructure your sovereign debt or restore sovereignty over fiscal policy, you simply cannot negotiate without a credible plan to re­introduce a national currency.

So put a lot of thought into business planning and learning about your business niche and how your business do well in it. Here is a tutorial on different kinds of business models to help you create a good business plan and business model for your idea.

The emphasis may vary from semester to semester but may include: the relationship between government and the business system in Canada, the impact of foreign investment and free trade, consumerism, environmental protection, the impact of the Canadian Bill of Rights, etc.

Spring 2016 Seattle Writes faculty includes Kathleen Alcala (essays), Nancy Kress (science fiction), Rose Lerner (historical romance), Claudia Castro Luna (poetry), Donna Miscolta (fiction), Nancy Rawles (fiction/dialogue), Ingrid Thoft (mystery), as well as a series of writing workshops presented in partnership with Hugo House.

My company, Z21 (name of company) is developing an in-person course (defined offering) to help potential entrepreneurs (defined audience) test market demand for their business ideas (solve a problem) with a lean process to avoid wasted money and effort (secret sauce).

It is ideally suited to those looking to take their first step into an office job, for those looking to return to work, for individuals wanting to change career paths, and for those who want a job with flexible working hours that can fit around their lifestyle.

With endorsements from Harvard Business professor William Kerr—a delightful account of entrepreneurship and the ingredients for success ”—and being named one of ‘s best books of 2016, Patel’s story doesn’t just come with heavy-handed stamps of approval; it also offers profound insights for young and old alike.

Business continuity is a big issue in the past few years – with all the natural disasters (earthquakes, snow storms, etc.) and people movements (such as Occupy Wall Street) – businesses need to do strategic planning in ensuring their business continuity – or seek help from others to help them in their disaster planning, to the least.

After graduation, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business students are prepared to successfully enter business administration careers or continue onto graduate studies, often pursuing an MBA, the M.S. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or even attending law school.

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